Stacie Allan

Stacie Allan#


Stacie Allan is an early career researcher interested in intercultural encounters and their impact upon individual subjectivity and literary production. Through an exploration of the intersection of gender and nationhood, her doctoral project (University of Bristol, 2016) investigated how early nineteenth-century authors Germaine de Staël and Claire de Duras translate their experiences of exile, alienation from France’s new regime, and disconnection from their past lives by writing the self through agents and sites of otherness. In addition to investigating the two authors’ significant yet hitherto unexplored intertextual relationship, this research examines the development of the novel and literary movements; narrative and its relationship to nation-building; spaces of and strategies for female political engagement; and transnational cultural and historical exchanges.
Stacie is currently developing a postdoctoral project on the English presence in the French novel (1800–1830). Considering instances of Anglo-French contact and the circulation of fiction, both in translation and the original language, in this period suggests a more cosmopolitan history of the nineteenth-century novel than is generally recognised. Using this premise as a starting point, this project, then, asks how the movement of people, books, and ideas influenced the novel’s evolution in France, as evidenced in a long-standing French literary preoccupation with England.

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