Sabine Chaouche

Sabine Chaouche


Sabine’s PhD examined a previously overlooked topic: the way in which actors declaimed and moved on stage from 1629 to 1680. She has extensively developed this subject from 1999 to the present day by investigating dramatic theories and the relationship between text and performance from 1600 to 1815. Through an interdisciplinary and serial approach, she established links between works relating to actio oratoria and acting and laid out a history of the ideas of the ‘philosophes’ on the theatre as well as the representation of the actor in various texts. She also highlighted the phenomenology of the performance, the realia scenica, especially the relationship between the actors and the members of the audience. She examined the concept of the Actor in the 18th century and the birth of the philosophy of performance in France. More recently Sabine has focused on staging at the Comédie-Française. Her current research examines cultural influences in Europe from 1650 to 1850.

She is also interested in the history of theatre, text and performance, acting and staging, visual arts, stage reforms and technical exchanges, and cultural transfers.


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