Fabio Morabito

Fabio Morabito

Email: fabio.morabito@kcl.ac.uk

Fabio is currently completing a KCS-funded doctoral degree in Musicology at King’s College London. His research interests revolve around chamber music culture in France in the early nineteenth century. In particular, he investigates this repertoire’s modes of production, dissemination, and consumption, using the investigation as a means to explore the role of so-called ‘private’ music practices in shaping socialities: relationships (either real or ideal) both between individuals and between the individual and society.

Fabio’s PhD dissertation focuses on Paris under the Bourbon Restoration (1814-30), interrogating diverse manifestations of intimate music-making (including a string quartet soirée, a collection of composers’ autographs, and arrangements of popular tunes for domestic settings). He argues that, rather than serving isolated, self-contained contemplations of artworks, such events relied primarily on social interaction and, in particular, were helped along by what we might call ‘narrative’ elements. Investigating the import of ‘narrative’ elements to the social practice of music, his PhD dissertation endeavours productively to reconfigure our understanding of Romantic music and sociability under the Bourbon Restoration.

Before joining King’s, Fabio read music at the Università di Pavia (Italy) and at the Institut für Musikwissenschaft Weimar-Jena (Germany). He also graduated in Viola from the Conservatorio di Milano, having attended courses at the Fondazione Walter Stauffer, the Accademia Chigiana and the Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt Weimar. In addition to a KCS studentship, he has been awarded a Lacey French Bursary (KCL, School of Arts and Humanities), the Music&Letters Award  and the Ralph Gibson Bursary of the Society for the Study of French History.


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