Clare Siviter

Clare Siviter


Research interests: Revolutionary and Napoleonic era, theatre, performance, propaganda, censorship, aesthetics, cross-dressing, ‘history’, national identity.

Clare Siviter is a a postdoctoral fellow in the Centre des recherches sur les littératures et la sociopoétique and Centre d’histoire d’histoire espaces et cultures at Université Blaise-Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand. Previously, she was an Early Career Fellow at the Institute of Advanced study and has recently completed her Ph.D. in French Studies in Warwick’s School of Modern Languages and Cultures, where she also studied for her Bachelors’ degree. Clare’s thesis, entitled ‘Rewriting History through the Performance of Tragedy, 1799-1815’, used theatre as a lens to analyse how multiple agents – audiences, authors, actors, state officials and Napoleon – employed tragedy to help reconstruct the French nation after the Revolution. Following on from her Ph.D. which was principally focused on Paris, Clare’s current research investigates theatre in the French provinces and its diffusion across Europe during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic period.



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