Christie Margrave

Christie Margrave


Christie graduated with an MA in French and Latin (Joint Honours) from the University of St Andrews in 2007, and then spent a year at the University of Cambridge training to be a Classics teacher. She returned to St Andrews in 2008 to study for the MLitt in French Studies, and her research focused on women’s writing and the portrayal of nature in French novels of the first French Republic and first French Empire.

During the course of her doctoral thesis, Christie spent two years working as a lectrice d’anglais at La Sorbonne in Paris, before returning to the UK and working as a part-time French tutor at the Universities of St Andrews, Edinburgh and Sheffield. She was appointed to the post of lecturer in French at Bangor in 2014.

Her primary research field is eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century French literature. Key themes she investigate within this area include women’s writing, the role of women in society, perceptions of the natural world in French thought, travel writing, spatial analysis, madness, ecocriticism, and theories of bereavement. She is particularly interested in the way in which female novelists in the first French Republic and first French Empire employ specific natural spaces to reflect, embody and dramatise the preoccupations of women during this turbulent historical period.


Her next project, Ecocriticism and Environmental Awareness in French Literature of the Long Eighteenth Century explores fields as varied as literature, sociological history, industrial development and environmental philosophy.


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